Author: Joachim Schultz-Granberg

Urban Perspectives 2019

The lecture series of the MSA “Stadtansichten” [Urban Perspectives] will be continued in Autumn 2019. Renowned architects and planners will talk about their positions on the city and architecture in the broader sense. On the one hand, the city is a familiar concept and at the same time a constantly changing, elusive phenomenon with a rapid dynamic, which, can only be planned to a limited extent and can hardly be controlled. “While the architect works on a clearly defined task, within a limited time and driven by his own fine taste, the urban planner is the moderator of the collective lack of taste” (K. Christiaanse, ETH Zurich, 8 June 2018). Planning processes often take a long time, the influence of planning is usually limited and yet the discipline of urban planning opens up horizons and space for visions and progress. With this in mind, we cordially invite all interested parties to listen and discuss in the main lecture hall at our Leonardo Campus.

  • 12. 02. 2019  FRANZ-JOSEF HÖING, Oberbaudirektor der Freien und Hansestadt Hamburg
  • 17. 04. 2019 NICOLAS MICHELIN, A/NM/A (Agence Nicolas Michelin et Associés), Paris
  • 24. 04. 2019  KEES CHRISTIAANSE, KCAP, Zürich / Rotterdam / Shanghai
  • 23. 10. 2019  TINA SAABY, Kopenhagen
  • 06. 11. 2019  ANDRES LEPIK, TU München
  • 20. 11. 2019  EYAL WEIZMAN, Forensic Architecture, London


Stadtansichten Nicolas Michelin

Stadtansichten Kees Christiaanse

Stadtansichten 2019, Lecture Series at the MSA | Münster School of Architecture
Conzept & Moderation: Prof. Joachim Schultz-Granberg

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Master Lectures 2018

Master Lectures 18-19   Titles, Themes and Trends, old & new paradigms, upcoming challenges of future cities are the focus of the Master Lectures. The department invites to lectures about methodical and strategic approaches to urban futures. Our guests are:

Urban Perspectives 2018

The MSA lecture series entitled “Urban Perspectives” will resume in spring 2018. Guest speakers are major players on the international stage with ground-breaking ideas. From a variety of different standpoints, the focus is on the urban effects of architecture beyond the plot boundary.

master lectures 2017 /2018

Master Lectures 17-18  Titles, Themes and Trends, old & new paradigms, upcoming challenges of future cities are the focus of the Master Lectures. The department invites to lectures about methodical and strategic approaches to urban futures. The speakers are:

Hotel Ruhrmoderne

100 Hours of Brutalism
27th – 30th July 2017 Marl / Münster / Wulfen. Nowhere else in Germany you can find such a density of grand and also irritating post-war buildings as in the northern Ruhr area:


04-04-2017 Kick-Off! Brainstorm about growing city limits, workshop about a 50 ha future city extension: 125 motivated students x  8 hours = six and a half month for one person. concentrated workforce!


23-01-2017 Water Sensitive Urban Design: Conclusion of the WSUD research project for the development of an integrated field of learning.

Hans Sauer Preis 2016

06. 04. 2016  Price Giving Ceremony – Hans Sauer Award 2016: The Hans Sauer Foundation invites together with the Architekturmuseum of the University of Technology Munich to the award ceremony of the Hans Sauer Award 2016: „SOCIAL DESIGN. Affordable. Good. Living.” The competition brief was made on base of the book “Affordable Living” in cooperation with the editors

Academy of Scenarios

12-06-2015  Designing for Urban Change. Barkenberg: potential futures for a town in decline +++ Three scenarios that respond to demographic change in Berkenberg, Dorsten, a shrinking town in Germany: The Super Mayor, Lateral Thinkers and Collective Enterpreneurs. +++ The workshop series HausAufgaben [home work] runs from 10 – 20 June 2015 +++ Exhibition at the  Weissenhof Gallery from 28 April – 01 July 2018 “Small houses – big topic” +++


22-09-2014  Joachim Schultz-Granberg: kiosk-O – a report about an guidance system for visitors in the city of Münster +++ Lecture at the German Federation for City Marketing 2014 +++

Symposium Climate and Planning

14-06-2011  Symposium on Climate and Planning  Urban planning strategies play an important role in adapting new and existing cities to climate change. How does city planning and building affect local climate conditions and what are the interdependencies between climatologic and functional needs? Experts from climatology and urban planning will discuss urban planning issues

Climate and Design

29-05-2014  Symposium on Climate and Design  How can we develop innovative design methods that integrate climate as a substantial parameter into the architectural and urban design process? Invited experts will investigate overlaps between technical, phenomenological and design-based issues between architecture, urban design and climate.

12-06-2013  Symposium: Does Münster have to become denser?  The Westphalian city of Münster is a popular place to live. However, 30,000 migrants are expected by 2030 according to a recent demographic survey.

Faces of Places

02-02-2012 Faces of Places The student ideas competition Studio Heiden, a joint venture with the Saxion Hogeschool Deventer, explores the future of the Westphalian town of Heiden as part of the funding initiative Regionale 2016. In tandem, a photographic project about places and protagonists came into being.

Münster Manipulations

13-10-2011  Münster Manipulations  Workshop at the Annual 2011: Students mark places (Ort) and non-places (Unort) in the city of Münster and show a sense for the quality of urban space. Future commissions for our coming architects?