Lecture and Workshop in Hamburg

02-03-2016  Joachim Schultz-Granberg: The City as Incubator +++ 1,1 million refugees arrived in Germany in 2016. Lecture and Workshop for the Arrival City of Hamburg

The three-day workshop organised by the Hamburg Chamber of Architects takes current developments as an opportunity to discuss the refugee housing problem. In addition to the interactions between different scales of planning and the design of the crisis, the role of architects and their impact as a profession will be discussed. Key questions are: How can architects contribute to a greater social acceptance of refugees? How and where can their planning expertise help to achieve a more creative quality of, and better integration into, existing neighbourhoods? What contribution can architects make to avoid deliberate ad hoc decisions in housing refugees and to achieve sustainable, long-term development models? How can the refugee crisis become an opportunity for urban development and the creation of innovations through clever and anticipatory planning?

Invited lectures: Matthias Kock: Municipal Challenges for Politics for Refugees, Roberto Klann: Political Scopes of Cities?, Prof. Joachim Schultz-Granberg: Arrival Cities & Residential Profiles – The City as Incubator, Prof. Anna Zülch: Housing then! Housing now?, Prof. Dr. Dieter Läpple: Migration Works – When Migrants Work