City in Transition

Important and at the same time challenging spatial resources are located along Hamburg’s major arterial roads. The south-west corridor Hammerbrook-Hamm is the area under consideration for Urban Design II.


Studio Archipelago

Öckerö is an island in the archipelago of the Swedish west coast. The area around the old harbour is largely sealed and deserted. A shipyard, fishing businesses, a library, a high school on an old sailing ship, the community centre and many other local stakeholders are situated here. Three futures for the conversion of this area are being conceived in collaboration with the local municipality.

summer 2023

Studio Countryside


Studio Countryside is a project in cooperation with Münster’s City Region Office. The focus will be on the rural hinterlands. The project addresses urban building forms, growth potentials, characters of local neighbourhoods and regional futures.

The integrated module (Superstudio) takes place with the support of the local communities around Münster. The design is supported by experts: Adeline Seidel (regional narratives and communication), Mareike Babel and Manuel Böwing (cost strategies).

summer 2023

Urban Design II

linien+flaeche-210x105Radial roads are important traffic infrastructures and at the same time spaces for people. They are the subject of the Urban Design II. The area under consideration is a 4 km long sequence of the Venloer Straße in Cologne.

winter 2022

Public Space Improvement

105x105-duisburgThe Burgplatz in Duisburg is simply a car park next to a large intersection. The asphalted traffic space takes up a large part of the area. The urban design studio looks for attractive urban spaces and strategies for placemaking.

summer 2022

University of Nepal

The University of Nepal is currently being founded. The studio looks for ideas, strategies and concepts for the future site – the pre-emptive founding of the campus of the UoN. It will be a testbed studio in order to translate guiding principles and the planning program into spatial sustainable situations sounding out future pathways. Call for applications here.

winter 2021

Workshop Berliner Platz

Student realisation competition for temporary interventions on Berliner Platz in the station district in Münster – in cooperation with the city of Münster. The best idea will be implemented in summer 2022.


winter 2020

Co-operative City


We will create futures for the City Harbour in Münster as a collaborative process with local stakeholders. (in collaboration with the AIT)