Road Atlas

As a joint research team, we investigate European main roads in the context of rapidly changing mobility. The development of a catalogue will deepen the understanding of the important urban element of road space and sharpen the application of suitable analysis techniques.


Albania Dérive

Think tank and design studio together with Peter Wilson. Korca is a city in transition in the far southeast of Albania. We are looking at the fringes for future developments. (image: detail from Pink Korca, Peter Wilson)



SUITCASE – Urban Design Basics I + II

105x105_FFThis course is intended for bachelor students and introduces a cross-section of urban design. More than ever, architects and planners need to comprehend complex interdependencies in a continuously changing world. The two-semester module not only aims at basic concepts, but also systematic and empiric methods as part of the architect’s suitcase of analytical and design instruments.

summer 2018

Ce n’est pas une maison

For years, the real estate market has served the ideal of a happy life on one’s own property. The dream of a garden with sunset is the reason for filling large areas with the typology of a detached house. The studio looks for ideas for urban settlement patterns in rural areas.

winter 2017/2018

Think Tank Kinderhaus

Münster – northern outskirts: Modern heritage is situated here: Kinderhaus-Brüningheide is a socially deprived area with dilapidated structures, sluggish renovation, unappealing public space… We are looking for the activation of sleeping potentials together with the involved actors.

summer 2017



The German law offers the new urban category of “Urban Areas” (in German: Urbane Gebiete, BauNVO 2016). It is enabling a stronger programmatic mix and higher building density. This studio investigates the potentials of this legal framework and asks for the development of prototypical hybrid buildings.

summer 2017

Think Tank “Ruhrmoderne”

Ruhrmoderne describes post-war architecture and urban settings from 1954-1973 of the Ruhr area. The studio re-activates forgotten monuments and urban concepts in and around the city of Marl. In cooperation with the initiative Ruhrmoderne, Theo Deutinger and other universities.


summer term 2016

Essen South-West-City

img_5990Invitation for an idea competition for our students in order to develop an urban design strategy for the conversion of a central area southwest of the inner city of Essen. Award by: Hafen City University and the city of Essen.