University of Nepal – consultative meeting 2023

Scenario’s, Patterns and Prototypes – Space as an Incubator for Knowledge  The lecture about visions of the future campus was given at the 6th Consultative Meeting of the University of Nepal (UoN) on 04 November 2023 in Kathmandu. It is a contribution to the topic of campus planning considering different plots as possible options for a subsequent specific development. As long as no site has been selected the approach focusses on scenario planning to sound out potential planning strategies and the local benefits of different sites.

In spring 2022 general design guidelines were developed during the interdisciplinary Academy of Scenario’s, a project of the Münster School of Architecture in close cooperation with the UoN Development Board. These design guidelines resulted in spatial patterns and speculative prototypes. The outcomes were the point of departure for this lecture and planning principles for a strategic master plan. The printed documentation of the Academy of Scenario’s was ceremoniously handed over to the chairman Dr. Arjun Karki and the planning committee of the UoN.

The focus of the lecture offers to translate the aspirations of the UoN accurately into spatial situations considering local cultures and practices. Hereby the campus is considered not only as a mere location for undergoing a specific curriculum, but also as a place for personal advancement and interdisciplinary exchange, for public dialogues and exchange, for innovation and partnerships. In this way the campus can become an incubator for knowledge and creative fulfilment and a productive setting for responsible future leaders.