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Master Lectures 19-20

ML-19-20Master Lectures 19-20 Titles, Themes and Trends, old & new paradigms, upcoming challenges of future cities are the focus of the Master Lectures . The department invites to lectures about methodical and strategic approaches to urban futures. Our guests are:

Academy of Scenarios

12-06-2015  Designing for Urban Change. Barkenberg: potential futures for a town in decline +++ Three scenarios that respond to demographic change in Berkenberg, Dorsten, a shrinking town in Germany: The Super Mayor, Lateral Thinkers and Collective Enterpreneurs. +++ The workshop series HausAufgaben [home work] runs from 10 – 20 June 2015 +++ Exhibition at the  Weissenhof Gallery from 28 April – 01 July 2018 “Small houses – big topic” +++

Symposium Climate and Planning

14-06-2011  Symposium on Climate and Planning  Urban planning strategies play an important role in adapting new and existing cities to climate change. How does city planning and building affect local climate conditions and what are the interdependencies between climatologic and functional needs? Experts from climatology and urban planning will discuss urban planning issues