Eau de Aa

21-09-2012  Eau de Aa – fresh Water from Münster +++ a product of the Stiftung Freizeit for the exhibition CITY and RIVER +++

Eau de Aa – Vintage 2012 – is a product of the Berlin-based studio Stiftung Freizeit. The project was created as part of the exhibition “City and River”(Stadt im Fluss) by the MSA | Münster School of Architecture.

Hemmed in between walls and houses, flowing under bridges, a rivulet meanders through Münster – a continuous concrete route through the city. What could the potential of a river mean? The concrete waterfront between Münster and the river Aa is being broken down – city and river are being brought a little closer together. In this participatory project, the river and the relationship between man and water will come alive. With the help of passers-by, Stiftung Freizeit has initiated a form of controlled flooding. Water from the Aa is being filtered on multiple levels, put into bottles and labelled. Every resident will be part of the river for a day and take some of it home.

Stiftung Freizeit: Inés Aubert, Rubén Jodar






(Fotos: JSG)