Urban Perspectives 2016


Lecture Series 2016: Mass Housing and Qualitiy  Take Munich, Hamburg, Frankfurt, Berlin, Münster, or virtually any other centrally located city, and add the number of refugees who are arriving to the recently upwardly adjusted population forecasts. This gives you the agenda for apartments to be built. According to a study by the Pestel Institute, this works out at about 800,000 apartments per year throughout Germany. It’s the urgent question of the construction of affordable homes on a massive scale without sacrificing residential quality.

The lecture series Urban Perspectives 2016 at MSA | Münster School of Architecture deals with the subject of quantity & quality in housing construction as addressed back in 1872 with Friedrich Engels’ “housing question.” Lecturers from Germany, England, the Netherlands, and Switzerland will present innovative housing concepts and strategies.

  • 20-04-2016  THOMAS JOCHER: The Age of Less, Fink+Jocher
  • 11-05-2016  SAMUEL THOMA: Das Haus und die Stadt, Müller Sigrist
  • 18-05-2016  DOMINIC PAPA: Housing as Urbanism, S333
  • 01-06-2016  KAMIEL KLAASSE: Expanding Universes on Shrinking Footprints, NL-architects

Urban Perspectives 2016, Lecture Series at the MSA | Münster School of Architecture
Organisation + Moderation: Prof. Joachim Schultz-Granberg, Department D6 Urban Design