Climate and Design

29-05-2014  Symposium on Climate and Design  How can we develop innovative design methods that integrate climate as a substantial parameter into the architectural and urban design process? Invited experts will investigate overlaps between technical, phenomenological and design-based issues between architecture, urban design and climate.The symposium is part of the International Architecture Biennale Rotterdam IABR 2014 – Urban by Nature.

Date: Thu, 29-05-14 at 15:00 hrs

Invited Speakers: George Brugmans (Director International Architecture Biennale Rotterdam), Tobias Armborst (Vassar College of Art/Interboro, New York), Duzan Doepel (Lector Sustainable Architecture/Doepel Strijkers, Rotterdam), Peter Mensinga (ARUP, Amsterdam), Mareike Krautheim (Architect, Berlin/ Rotterdam), Prof. Ralf Pasel (TU Berlin/pasel.künzel architects, Rotterdam), Prof. Sven Pfeiffer (University of Applied Sciences Münster), Prof. Joachim Schultz-Granberg (University of Applied Sciences Münster)

Location: Kunsthal Rotterdam, NL (free admission)


The series is a joint enterprise between the Technical University Berlin – Department of Design and Building Construction CODE, the msa | münster school of architecture – Department for Digital Design and Construction, Department D6 for Urban Design and the Rotterdam Academy of Architecture and Urban Design.

We are most grateful for the kind support of the Embassy of the Netherlands Berlin, Aedes Network Campus Berlin and the International Architecture Biennale Rotterdam IABR.