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The Master Lectures take place in winter and are targeted at students in the Master’s programme. Current trends, new paradigms, burning issues and challenges of shaping urban futures are presented for discussion. The list of guests since 2017 can be found here in the archive:

08-11-22 • 18:00 o’clock Laurina Schraeder and Malte Wilms, Berlin
Architecture without Debt (lecture in German)

06-12-22 • 18:00 o’clock Matthias Heskamp, paper planes e.V., Radbahn Berlin, Berlin
Kurskorrektur [Course Correction]

10-01-23 • 18:00 o’clock Georg Barringhaus, transurban , Cologne
Negotiating Spaces: Architecture as Urban Practice




02-11-21 • 18:00 o’clock Florian Otto, bauchplan ).(  Munich + Cologne
ACT NOW – ein kuratierter Handungsaufruf von bauchplan ).(

09-11-21 • 18:00 o’clock Peter Kneidinger, materialnomaden, Vienna
URBAN RE:SOURCES – circular processes as the base for a future-oriented building culture

30-11-21 • 18:00 o’clock Annette Hillebrandt, Universität Wuppertal
URBAN LOOP DESIGN – buildings as a ressource

11-01-22 • 18:00 o’clock Rens Wijnakker, Fabrications, Amsterdam
HEALTHY URBAN ECOSYSTEMS – shaping a new urban resilience through metabolic design







20-11-20 • 18:45 o’clock  Robert Temel, Urban Research and Architecture, Vienna

10-11-20 • 18:45 o’clock  Frauke Burgdorff, Head of Municipal Planning, Building and Mobility Aachen

08-12-20 • 18:45 o’clock  Sandra Bartoli and Silvan Linden, Büros für Konstruktivismus, Berlin
LIGHT, AIR AND SHIT – Archeologies of Sustainablility

12-01-21 • 18:45 o’clock  Mark Kammerbauer, Nexialist Agency, Munich
CITIES OF FUTURE PAST – Square, Wall, Tower






05-11-19 at 6:30 pm  Prof. Dieter Läpple, HCU: THE PRODUCTIVE CITY

12-11-19 at 6:30 pm  Annette Hauschild, OSTKREUZAgentur der Fotografen:: BERLIN STORIES – LAST DAYS OF DISCO

03-12-19 at 6:30 pm  Prof. Martin Korda, Emeritus MSA: BAUHAUS

14-01-20 at 6:30 pm  Sabine Oberhuber, Turntoo: MATERIAL MATTERS






04-12-18 at 6:00 pm  Jan Kampshoff, Modulorbeat / TU Berlin: URBAN ACUPUNCTURES

15.01.19 at 7:00 pm Michael Wagner, Wagner Vanzella / ETH Zürich : CAPACITY – CULTIVATING URBAN LANDSCAPES



24-10-17 at 19:00  Dr. Jorg Sieweke, paradoXcity Studio New Orleans: PUDDLESCAPES

05-12-17 at 19:30  Otto Paans, TU Berlin: SITUATIONAL URBANISM – Directing Post-war Urbanity

12-12-17 at 19:30   Martin Sobota, Cityförster: FROM ALBANIA TO ZAMBIA – Architecture and Urban Design in an International Context