Master Lectures 19-20

ML-19-20Master Lectures 19-20 Titles, Themes and Trends, old & new paradigms, upcoming challenges of future cities are the focus of the Master Lectures . The department invites to lectures about methodical and strategic approaches to urban futures. Our guests are:

05-11-19 at 6:30 pm  Prof. Dieter Läpple, HCU: THE PRODUCTIVE CITY

12-11-19 at 6:30 pm  Annette Hauschild, OSTKREUZAgentur der Fotografen:: BERLIN STORIES – LAST DAYS OF DISCO

03-12-19 at 6:30 pm  Prof. Martin Korda, Emeritus MSA: BAUHAUS

14-01-20 at 6:30 pm  Sabine Oberhuber, Turntoo: MATERIAL MATTERS