Wind Regimes, Architecture and Urban Design

17-10-2015 Joachim Schultz-Granberg: Wind Regimes, Architecture and Urban Design +++ Lecture at the Austrian Pavillion at Expo Milano 2015 at the Symposium Climatecture

CLIMATECTURE – the performance of climate, landscape and architecture
Symposium, Expo Milano 16–17 October 2015

Climate–the dynamic cycle of weather at a particular site– determines our living conditions and our social, political and built reality. In these days, which are strongly influenced by climate change and its consequences, climate as a design tool is gaining more and more importance for future architecture and urban design. Climate decisively shapes the landscape as well as the built environment and determines our lifestyle and our social practices. Climate change, caused by human activity, has already led to a geographical shift of climate zones, which directly affects the natural and the built environment as well as socio-spatial constellations all over the world. Worldwide, architects, landscape architects and engineers are engaged in generating new spatial prototypes that are able to achieve an improvement of the local microclimates as well as global climate conditions. Besides form, space and technology, the performative agency of vegetation deserves special attention. Only by anticipating climate change and its consequences, through new performative approaches can we prepare our societies for the consequences ahead.

Invited speakers: Philippe Rahm: Constructed Atmospheres, Team Breathe Austria: Designing Climatecture, Joachim Schultz-Granberg: Wind Regimes, Architecture and Urban Design, Wolfgang Kessling: Cool green tech, design for outdoor comfort, Stefano Boeri: Vertical landscapes, Bernhard Scharf: Performative cities, Almut Grüntuch-Ernst: Horticulture