master lectures 2023

Poster Master Lectures 2023 - Matthias Ballestrem, Bauhaus Erde

We are looking forward to three promising lectures as part of the Master Lectures 2023. Welcome!

28-11-23 • 6:45 PM  Matthias Ballestrem, Bauhaus Earth
Think and Make Tank (lecture in German, Zoom)

05-12-23 • 16:45 PM  Moritz Maria Karl, Professor for Sustainable Urbanism, TU Berlin
Atmosphären (Zoom)

12-12-23 • 6:45 PM at the Grand Lecture Hall Leo 01  Vinzenz Keiler, Tobias John, Marcel Arndt und Dominik Hesse, ræumen

Poster Master Lectures 2023 - Moritz Maria Karl TU Berlin-